1. How do commissions work?

You have the option of receiving a 40% commission on every sale or you can apply the 40% as a discount for your pupil. Alternatively, you can split the 40% 50/50 as a commission for yourself as well as a discount for your pupils.

2. How often will you pay me commissions?

We will pay commissions at the start of the month succeeding the first successful test offer to your pupils, as of course if we are unable to offer a test for a pupil they’re entitled to a full refund. We therefore pay the commission once the pupil has successfully used the service.

3. How does your payment structure work?

The payment structure is very simple. We manage all payments from your pupils as well as payments of commissions to you. There is no cost to you to recommend our services.

4. Is there a contract?

There is no contract and you can stop using us whenever you like, although we’re sure you won’t want to leave.

5. I don't really understand computers, can I still use your services?

Absolutely. You don’t need to touch a computer, tablet or smartphone if you don’t want to. Just call us if you have any queries or want to re-order promotional leaflets (which are free of charge).

6. Who are you?

We’re Theory Training Solutions Ltd trading as Driving Test Cancellations 4 All. We’ve been helping ADIs and pupils since 2008, we also have a Crown Copyright licence with the DVSA, meaning as well as finding earlier driving tests we can offer the latest practice material for theory tests.

We’re a member of the Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme which means that all of our business processes, services and customer satisfaction ratings have been audited and approved by Trading Standards.

We’re human and always up for a chat. You can call us on 01206 625 979

7. How do I join?

Just get in touch via email, phone or online chat and we’ll set your driving school up on our systems. After which we’ll send you your marketing material to hand to your pupils – complete with your own personal driving school code, allowing us to track purchases made by your pupils.

Driving Test Cancellations 4 All is a fully packed practical tool of premium design and build, enabling you and your pupils to beat the test centre waiting times.

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